Monday, December 19, 2011

New plan

That's right, I have a new plan. So, I have been getting rejected left and right. I don't even think my book is really being given a chance. I don't blame anyone. What can an agent do? They're inundated with query letters, receiving hundreds every week. It's cool, because it's given me time to take a breath and look around, check out my options. What I'm seeing is that self-publishing is no longer the bad idea it may have been several years ago. Pairing e-books w/ print-on-demand paperbacks is actually a viable option. More and more people are shopping for their books online, so it isn't necessary to be out in the stores; writers who are working hard are able to make a profit while selling their books at considerably lower prices than authors writing for a big publishing house. I'm not saying I won't pursue a publishing contract, but...

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