Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Name one thing about today that doesn't scream Monday

Welcome to Monday. What do you mean it’s not Monday? It feels like Monday. I mean, there’s a big burlap sack of yellowing envelopes sitting in front of me. It must be Monday. Oh come on. I have a past here. Right? I mean the calendar obviously isn’t my strong suit. But for the fun of it, if nothing else, for the alliteration of it all, this, my dear, patient friends, all of you out there just waiting with bated breath, this is your, yes your Monday Mailbag.

David, where have you gone? You do realize you haven’t posted in weeks, right?
Flo, Miami FL

Where have I gone? Where have I gone, Flo DiMaggio? Well, let’s see one day I was at…I mean, there was this one time when I went…I mean, I had to go and…Look, the point is, well, I haven’t been anywhere. I’ve just been here. I’m sorry I haven’t done better at keepin’ the ol’ blog rollin’ along here lately, but, ya know, life happens sometimes.

Work has been kickin’ my butt lately. Truly. I haven’t really even written in my latest book in the last couple weeks. And I was just working a little overtime at my real job up until about a half hour ago. So, there’s work, and, ya know, family, and all that other stuff. It makes it hard sometimes to keep at the whole writing thing. I love it, but I gotta keep my family moving, and the whole making a living thing gets in the way sometimes. But I’m back. I’m back, and I plan on staying around a while. I’ll keep on keepin’ on at the whole supporting the family thing, but I’ve got the future millions in my head, and I’m using those figures to push me on in the writing sphere.

I’m back, Aunt Flo. Wait, Aunt Flo? Does that mean? Ah, forget about it. Just remember, keep reading the blog. Knowing you’re there, my good Flo-bot, keeps me writing.