Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Good News:  I sent out another query letter. Felt really good about this one.

Bad News:  It was rejected in just under six minutes. Okay, it took about a day, but it felt like five minutes and thirty-eight seconds.

Good News:  I am becoming more experienced as a writer. Seasoned if you will. I'm like a juicy steak, marinating in a pan of juicy, oozing ideas.

Bad News:  I'd rather eat a steak than be one. It could be dangerous. I live near several dogs.

Good News:  At least I have this blog and all the comments I get to comfort me.

Bad News:  I haven't told anyone about the blog. So no one's seen it.

Good News:  I found this really cool website called authonomy where authors get together and share in a lively critique of each other's writing.

Bad News:  It's kind of a popularity contestish type thing. "Hey, buddy, I loved your book. How are you not published yet? Now could you take a look at mine? It's currently ranked in the top 25 and could really use your help! By the way, I gave you six stars."

Good News:  I've recently found Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Wonderful.

Let's end on a good note. Hasta la hasta.


  1. My wife says the same things about Authonomy. You two should seriously critique each other's work.

  2. Hey, my first comment ever. Good work, Ben. What kind of stuff does she read/write?

  3. Paranormalish stuff too. She also did a nice Rapunzel rendition. She will read anything she can get her hands on though. I'll find out her info for the site.

  4. Live the dream, Dave. Everybody has a great story that needs to be told, real or otherwise. Stephen is running a 4th day Universe site for writers. Good luck to you.

  5. I'm living the dream alright. I guess what I should really do though is quit my job and then try to make it as a writer. Show a little faith in myself. Plus my biography will be a lot cooler if I sold my book right when my family and I were on the brink of starvation. Now that's the dream.