Monday, May 21, 2012

Maddie Monday Mailbag

Hello, fine readers of the ol' blog. It's time for your weekly fix of the mailbag, but it's gonna go a little differently this time. Today I got a little brochure in my email from Maddie in Austin, TX. It's for a school assignment, and the subject is The Boo Hag! Yes, The Boo Hag has made it to some random student in Austin, TX. I've hit the big time. Okay, full disclosure, Maddie may or may not be my niece. Here is the sweet Monday Mailbag version (undoubtedly not as great as the original version) of The Boo Hag promotional brochure...

Lenny Petrakas is having some weird signs that start to scare her and realizes it will danger her and people she loves including her best friend Anna. Lenny starts to worry and she’s afraid to tell anyone, but she has to. The next day she tells her teacher Mr. Brown and he thinks he can help only on one condition; they have to find a strong man to help. Luckily they have someone; Brian Stokely, the star football player and Anna’s crush. The next night Lenny wakes up to her friend gone. The Boo Hag stole her; the skinless red-eyed monster that steals peoples skin! Brian and Lenny have to find Anna! Is Mr. Brown behind all of this? Will everyone be okay?

Recommendation:                                              I would recommend this book to people who like to feel like they are on the characters adventures with them. It draws you in and makes you wonder what’s coming next.
Amazon: Online edition: $9.99          Kindle edition: $2.99
Smashwords:                                     Kindle edition: $2.99                    
Barns&Noble: $ Nook edition: $2.99     


The Boo
By: David Morgan

Publisher: David Morgan
Brochure By: Maddie Mayrgundter

 Thematic Statement:                           
In this current society friends are one of the most important things in life and they always stick by your side. The author used the plot to deliver the theme by the friends helping each other even through all the obstacles that occur.
Text Connection:                                    Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants is similar to The Boo Hag because they are both about friendship. In The Boo Hag and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants they stick together with the difficulties they come across.  The themes are both about friendship and the importance of them.
Characters:                                            Lenny: She is very meticulous, independent, and not very girly. Her best friend is Anna and she always sticks by her side. She is also the protagonist because she works hard to find Anna.
Anna: She is very friendly and has a huge crush on Brian Stokely. Her best friend is Anna and stays strong throughout the whole story. She is also a protagonist because she is trying to help everyone throughout the story.
Brian: He is very popular and sort of a player. He likes Anna, but also the most popular girl in school. He is the star football player and everyone loves him. He’s another protagonist because he sticks by everyone’s side during the story and works hard in the search for Anna.
The Boo Hag: She is a red-eyed skinless monster that is very aggressive. She steals people’s skin and takes their personalities and looks. She is the antagonist because she is cruel and makes life miserable for people.
Mr. Brown: He is a History teacher at Santa Rosa High (Lenny, Anna, and Brian’s school). Throughout the story he is on everyone’s bad side because they all think he is with The Boo Hag.
Setting:The most important setting is at Ham’s Burgers (where Anna works) because that is where the near death situation happens. This affects the story because it has the most interaction with the Boo Hag and also one of the most important parts of the book. The author chose to add this setting because it boosts the reader’s attention and thinking.
Authors Bio:                                   Hi! You see on this brochure where it lists David Morgan as the author? Well, that’s me, and my awesome niece Maddie asked me to tell you a little about myself. I live in Utah, where I am extremely outnumbered at home as the only male in a house of six. I like to read. A lot. And you should too. If you don’t, maybe you should start. Ask Maddie for a recommendation; I’m sure she has a good one in mind. Description: Cor130

That, my friends, is a Monday Mailbag done right!

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